AFS history and archives

The AFS international website has an history and archives section. They regularly post photos and information from the archives.

The archives are stored in New York City.

The website says, "The AFS Archives consists of over 300 cubic feet of archival material, including documents, photographs, and memorabilia from as early as World War I, when Abram Piatt Andrew, Jr. founded the American Ambulance Field Service in France. The collections are divided into four separate record groups, each representing a separate development and phase of the AFS organization." (1. World War I, 2. World War II, 3. AFS Association and AFS Fellowships for French Universities, and 4. Student Programmes)

Regular updates can be found on their news page.

Photo: Bill Congdon holding a ceramic platter from Faenza, Italy. ca. 1944-1945. Photograph by Carl Zeigler Courtesy of the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs